What we do

Tudor Reilly Health builds online communities in important areas of need so that those with the most personal experience can share their insights. Our vision is a healthier world based on shared experience and knowledge. Our digital healthcare platform ePatient Insights™ connects patients and carers with new treatments in development. We also work with influential media and bloggers.


We have developed innovative online communication tools that shed new light on old challenges. Patients and carers want to be more involved in developing new treatments. Our online communities and ePatient Insights™ platform encourage that.


Our digital communication tools point to the most effective way to reach patients and carers online. Social media, search and credible content are combined in ways that make a real difference in patients’ lives.


Content creation is in our DNA. Our team combines decades of senior media and scientific knowledge to help communicate what is happening in the world of medical discovery.

Our services

At Tudor Reilly Health, we believe in doing one thing well. For us, that’s patient-centred experience and knowledge shared through our online communities. Healthcare is an industry we understand: the thirst for innovation, the continuing changes in the environment, the almost insurmountable challenges to deliver a new medicine and, above all, the impact on patients, carers and their families. We offer ground-breaking digital healthcare technology that brings epatients together and informs them of clinical developments.

ePatient Insights™

Our proprietary technology platform brings together the increasing availability of data online to help connect patients and carers with new drugs in development.

The insights gathered may help in several ways, for example in locating new trial centers where there is the most need from a patient and carer perspective.

An epatient, or internet patient, is a health consumer who uses the internet to gather information about a medical condition of particular interest to them.

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Multi-national patient outreach

Not every country is the same and digital and social networks vary widely from country to country. The team at Tudor Reilly Health are experts in accessing and understanding the potential of patient and carer networks and how to build and engage useful communities effectively.

We have a network of local partner agencies, who help to provide us with local insights.

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epatient recruitment

Without patients willing to take part in clinical trials of new drugs, new medicines would never be developed. We use digital, social and traditional media, as well as engagement with patient groups and professional organizations, to spread the word about how to take part in on-going trials. Recent surveys have shown that that reason most people don’t take part in clinical trials is that they don’t know how to do so.

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About us

Tudor Reilly Health is a digital communications agency focused on healthcare. Our vision is a healthier world based on shared experience and knowledge. We build online communities in important areas of need so that epatients with the most personal experience can share their insights.




Hepatitis C News reaches 65,000 unique visitors

Tudor Reilly Health’s online community Hepatitis C News has passed a major milestone, attracting over 65,000 unique visitors since its launch in December 2012.



Accelerating access

It’s a chastening fact that more than two billion out of the seven billion people in the world don’t have regular access to medicines, leaving them vulnerable to disease and avoidable death. While most common diseases are treatable, in the developing world many lack access to diagnostics, vaccines and pharmaceutical treatments because they are either [...]