Tudor Reilly Health is a pioneer in online clinical trial recruitment and retention

Our vision is a healthier world based on shared experience & knowledge.

Who we are

Tudor Reilly Health is a digital communications agency focused on clinical trial recruitment and retention. 
With over 20 years’ experience in the media and a strong background in science, we combine creative flair and scientific insight.

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What we do

“Tudor Reilly understands both sides of the business: from the tiny biotech just starting in discovery to the giant pharmaceutical marketing global brands.”

— Managing Director, Versant Ventures

“Many thanks for all your hard work. You guys are the best.”

— Head of the Drug Discover and Development Unit, Italian Institute of Technology

“Working with Tudor Reilly, we could be assured of working with a team with great ideas, creativity and heritage.”

— Senior Communications Specialist, Sanofi UK

“The Tudor Reilly team are the consummate professionals; a pleasure and a delight to work with.”

— Strategic Business Communications Partner, Roche

“None of us could have asked for more. Great pleasure working with you.”

— Director, National Institutes of Health

“The Tudor Reilly team has been amazing, making a significant contribution to our patient recruitment strategy for our international clinical trials.”

— Rare disease patient group, AKU Society

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