Become part of the Tudor Reilly Health team

There are great career opportunities at Tudor Reilly Health, whether you’re an entry-level graduate, an experienced project manager or a content editor.

The work is challenging, intellectually stimulating, and very rewarding. Be prepared to work to the highest standards. In return, we’ll support you with all the mentoring and training you need to achieve your full potential.

"Working at Tudor Reilly Health is an amazing experience, I feel stretched but rewarded."

"It is challenging, intellectually stimulating, you’re exposed to new ideas and expected to come up with them too."

"It will be a ride, that’s for sure. It’s an entertaining office, some really great people here. If you ask for what you want, likely you will get it."

"Be prepared to work to the highest standard. It’s not just a maxim from on high that that’s what we do around here. It’s expected and we really do do it!"

Why Tudor Reilly



Boldness, curiosity, enterprise and responsibility guide how we work each day

A company’s values are a good indicator of how the business is run and we think our values lead to successful partnerships, both internally and externally. Each member of the Tudor Reilly Health team lives by these values, and there’s an annual award to the person who most embodies them.


Creation sessions
Continually improving and striving for the best at all levels

Following a procedure because “That’s the way it’s always been done” doesn’t fly at Tudor Reilly Health. We are continually looking for the best approach to any situation, to make us more efficient, more effective, more engaging and ultimately more successful. Our innovation sessions encourage all members of the team to come up with ideas, no matter how big or small, for improving how we run the business.


Hands-on senior management team
Leading the way when we need them

Our teams like autonomy and getting on with the task at hand – but our senior members are always around to provide guidance and wisdom when needed.


Collegiate culture
No one is afraid to speak up

Although traditional job titles are in place, everyone rolls their sleeves up and gets stuck in. Every member of the team feels confident in offering their ideas and putting themselves forward for new opportunities.


We are all the face of the company

Some companies will only let certain senior staff interact with the outside world. At Tudor Reilly Health, we believe each member of our team has the competence to have valuable interactions with our partners, suppliers and patient advocates.


International reach
Casting our net far and wide

We work with partners, suppliers and affiliates all over the world; from supporting patient recruitment to clinical trials in North America to hosting industry roundtable discussions and assisting study site optimisation in south-east Asia.


Monthly company updates
Everyone knows where we’ve come from and where we’re going

We think it’s important for members of the team to know how the company is doing and where we are going. The company updates aren’t just about number crunching. They are a chance for us to update everyone on our latest projects, share staff development news – and remind ourselves of the company’s goals.


360˚ feedback
Constructive comments from everyone, for everyone

Everyone has an opinion, and we like to share them! Our 360˚ feedback system allows team members, from new hires to the company’s founders, to offer constructive comments to every other team member – and suggest areas for their personal development.

Professional development

Every year, we invest thousands of pounds’ worth of training and knowledge-sharing in you

That includes:
  • A personal training budget to spend with outside expert trainers to develop your skills in a direction that will enhance your career
  • Internal knowledge-sharing: from writers’ workshops to sessions on the latest digital trends
  • Personal development plans, quarterly goal setting and regular reviews
  • A chance for junior staff to lead pro bono campaigns
  • Mentoring by industry leaders

Health and well-being

  • Private healthcare – We hope you won’t need it but, if you do, at least you won’t have to wait so long for help
  • Life assurance
  • Contributory pension scheme – You pay some. We pay some. The government pays some.
  • Same-day doctor appointments around the corner – So you don’t have to trek back home to see your GP
  • Flexible working hours – Start early or leave late. Just let us know your preference

Core benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • 25 days’ holiday, including office closure over Christmas week
  • Share option scheme – An opportunity to share in the company’s future success
  • Daily fruit bowl and infinite biscuits
  • End-of-year company offsite – Recent ones included painting and mixology workshops, a murder mystery, and a West End show
  • Summer days out – Tennis, polo, Ascot
  • Tools down at 5pm on Friday to share learnings of the week – We call it the weekly wind down. (Some call it the wine down)
  • Fiesta Friday – A fun social activity at the end of every month. We like each other that much!
  • When we’ve had an exceptional year, we celebrate by taking the team somewhere amazing

What we expect in return

Ask yourself:
  • Is responsibility second nature to me?
  • Do I take pride in everything I do?
  • Am I always looking to improve myself?
  • Am I passive or active? Reactive or proactive? We prefer the latter (x2)
  • Do I like to work hard?
  • Do I ask if that’s the best I can do?
  • Do I voice my opinions readily?
  • Could I be an effective leader?
  • Do I have untapped potential?
  • This is our founders’ favourite saying: “‘Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And then there are those who ask ‘what happened?’” Tudor Reilly Health people are in the first camp.

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