Our Experience

Our Experience

Past Tudor Reilly Health work has been diverse in scope, ranging from disease awareness and clinical trial-focused communications, through to video production, industry-sponsored reports and insights from our own data analysis.

We delivered all these projects with the same sharp focus on quality content created with the end users in mind, whether they were patients, families and carers, or professionals from the pharmaceutical industry.


“Many thanks for all your hard work. You guys are the best.”

— Head of the Drug Discover and Development Unit, Italian Institute of Technology

“The Tudor Reilly team has been amazing, making a significant contribution to our patient recruitment strategy for our international clinical trials.”

— Rare disease patient group, AKU Society

“The Tudor Reilly team are the consummate professionals; a pleasure and a delight to work with.”

— Strategic Business Communications Partner, Roche

“None of us could have asked for more. Great pleasure working with you.”

— Director, National Institutes of Health

“Working with Tudor Reilly, we could be assured of working with a team with great ideas, creativity and heritage.”

— Senior Communications Specialist, Sanofi UK

“Tudor Reilly understands both sides of the business: from the tiny biotech just starting in discovery to the giant pharmaceutical marketing global brands.”

— Managing Director, Versant Ventures