March 27, 2014

Tudor Reilly Health supports Empower: Access to Medicine initiative

It was great to be present at the House of Commons launch this week of the Empower: Access to Medicine initiative, which will enable patients to receive innovative medicines faster than currently possible.

The campaign comes as the UK medicine’s regulator MHRA is set to publish new scientific guidelines to allow promising innovative medicines, so-called PIMs, to reach patients before full Phase III  clinical trial results are released.

The result will be safe, innovative medicines in the hands of patients, who need them now.

Patient groups, including Genetic Alliance UK and Joining Jack, welcomed the move championed by the Health Minister Earl Howe.

Professor Stephen Hawking also welcomed the campaign with the message:

“Though I cannot be here with you today I wanted to convey my support for Empower: Access to Medicine and its calls for accelerated access to potentially lifesaving drugs.

“True innovation exists at the frontiers of scientific endeavour – this is as true for medicine as it is for physics. Clinicians and pharmacists must be allowed the space to strive for new discoveries with the support of systems that allow responsible innovation.

“The time has come for medical regulation to match modern medicine. I encourage you to sign Empower’s petition, let’s practically demonstrate that the system can work differently. I wish you every success and good luck”.

You can register your support for the campaign at

By Julie Walters

Image by Berit Watkin on Flickr


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