Clinical trial Branding

We help to give clinical studies an identity, essential in competitive therapeutic areas

Clinical trial Branding

Branding a study gives it a distinct identity; differentiating it from other clinical trials in competitive therapeutic areas, encouraging study recognition, and promoting patient engagement and retention.

We are experts at branding Phase II and Phase III clinical research studies. Our talented in-house designers and creative team will develop a name, logo and messaging that will support and come to define your study.

Our understanding and presence in over 25 countries means we know from experience what may or may not be approved by IRBs and ethics committees worldwide; and we apply that knowledge when developing the clinical trial branding.

Patient panels

At Tudor Reilly Health, we strongly believe in patient engagement in the whole clinical trial process. So, through patient panels that we convene during brand development, we involve those with lived experience of the disease: including patients, family and other caregivers, and representatives of patient advocacy groups. The panel’s knowledge of the condition and their feedback on brand concepts, combined with our team’s creative flair, is key to the creation of engaging and appropriate materials.

Approved branding and messaging is then available for use on all study-related materials.