Local support

Through our global network and localised print materials we provide personalised support to clinical trial sites

Patient facing materials (posters, leaflets, flyers, giveaways etc.)

Traditional print materials ranging from posters, leaflets and flyers, to books and branded giveaways, remain valuable in clinical trial recruitment. These materials help to raise awareness of the study, support informed consent and improve patient retention on the study

HCP-facing materials

Referral from a healthcare professional (HCP) remains an important and trusted referral technique in clinical trial recruitment. We produce a variety of clinical trial materials for outreach to HCPs based close to study sites. These range from study-specific brochures and leaflets to lunch & learn slide decks and inclusion-exclusion cards.

Patient group outreach

Through our global associate network, we connect with patient groups in most countries we operate in, across many therapeutic areas. The resulting endorsement of a clinical trial through ethically-approved copy or a link on a trusted patient group website can more than triple patient lead generation compared to paid advertising.

Site optimisation

For inexperienced or overworked study sites, we offer site optimisation support through our international network of contracted clinical professionals. Our associates can provide administrative advice and support, and investigate opportunities for site outreach to potential HCP-referrers.