Online recruitment

Our online recruitment tactics increase referral rates through previously untapped patient populations, saving time and money

Clinical trial websites

We develop websites dedicated to individual clinical research studies and study programmes; either as online brochures to raise study awareness, or – combined with pre-screener questionnaires – as a means of online referral, contributing to patient screening and patient enrolment at study sites.

We also create websites specifically designed for patient retention. These brochure style websites, accessed through password-protected logins, can provide additional information and support to patients and caregivers throughout the study.

Geo-targeted online advertising

All our websites are optimised for online search engines from launch. Thereafter, we will run geo-targeted online advertising campaigns to raise the site’s visibility. Typically, we do this through ethically-approved Google, Bing and Facebook advertisements in countries where online recruitment tactics have the greatest impact; complemented by direct outreach to patient advocacy groups.

Patient facing materials

We devise a wide range of creative and engaging communications materials to raise clinical trial awareness among patients and families, support informed consent and encourage retention and compliance. In an online setting, these materials range from e-books and animated videos to study apps that generate medication and study visit reminders.


We complement our online patient referrals with induction training for clinical trial sites and regular liaison with study site co-ordinators to ensure their full engagement with the initiative and prompt follow-up with recruitment candidates.

Patient validation

We also provide a phone follow-up service, through our global network of clinical research professionals, providing extra validation of trial candidates who have successfully completed a website questionnaire. This filtering process significantly increases the chances of an online recruitment candidate being enrolled in the clinical trial in which they have expressed interest.